Our Idyllic Cruises offer you deeply satisfying visits to the Mediterranean’s best-kept secrets. As the only home porting cruise line in Greece, we know the cosmopolitan Aegean and with our medium sized vessels we take you to its unspoiled hidden gems. Enjoy the versatile combination of exciting shore excursions, relaxing days at the beach, and visits to picturesque villages but also elegant nights out in fancy, popular resorts. If you wish to get the most of the Aegean, we are here to help you make your own, unique Greek adventure.

Day 1

Greece, Athens (Lavrion)

Departure at 13:00

60 kilometres from Athens, Lavrion is a bustling port and is an ancient silver mining center. The city’s silver mines date to prehistory and a bustling port. From here you can tour the following.


  • Cape Sounion. The Cape of Columns.
  • The Temple of Poseidon. Keeping on the Good Side of the God of the Sea.

Greece, Mykonos

Arrival at 18:00 / Departure at 23:59

Mykonos is a delightful island renowned for its lovely countryside and its beaches, its iconic windmills and sea breezes.


  • Mykonos Town. An Exquisite Whitewashed Maze.
  • The Alefkhandra Neighbourhood
  • Little Venice
  • Ano Mera. A Traditional Cycladic Village.
  • Petros the Pelican Welcomes You to Mykonos

Day 2

Turkey, Kusadasi (Turkey)

Arrival at 07:00 / Departure at 13:00

The area has been a center of art and culture since some of the earliest recorded history, and has been settled by many civilizations since being founded in 3000 BC. Kusadasi is currently one of the finest is resort town on the Aegean coast.


  • Ancient Ephesus. Founded by the Ancient Greeks. Ancient Ephesus. One of the Most Complete Classical Cities in Europe.
  • The Terrace Houses
  • Homes of the Wealthy Families of Ancient Ephesus
  • The Great Theatre of Ephesus
  • The House of the Virgin Mary. Where the Virgin Spent Her Final Years.
  • St. John the Evangelist’s Basilica
  • An Important Middle Age Pilgrimage

Greece, Samos

Arrival at 15:30 / Departure at 22:30

You’ll be amazed by this island’s lush landscapes and crystal clear waters. Samos was home to some of the great minds of ancient Greece, including Aesop and Pythagoras.


  • Samos. Naturally Wonderful.
  • The Samos Wine Museum. Learn All about the Delicious Wines of Samos.
  • Pythagoreio. Birthplace of Pythagoras.
  • The Monastery of Panagia Spiliani
  • The Virgin of the Cave
  • Kokkari Village. A Seaside Dream.

Day 3

Greece, Milos

Arrival at 09:00 / Departure at 20:00

A geological marvel, this volcanic locale and its rare rock formations will astonish you. The island is also home to the greatest number of beaches in the Cyclades, many of them formed by ancient volcanoes.


  • Sarakiniko
  • An Inlet of Pure White Stone
  • Some of the Best Beaches in the Cyclades

Day 4

Greece, Athens (Piraeus)

Arrival at 06:30 / Departure at 12:00

The bustling port of Piraeus, made famous by classic films like Never On Sunday and Stella, is a brief Metro or taxi ride from Athens. This vibrant, cosmopolitan, historically rich city is dense with ancient monuments, chic cafés and unique shops.

Greece, Syros

Arrival at 18:00 / Departure at 23:30

Syros is the capital of Cyclades and once the centre of all trade activities. You can still see and admire the mansions built by the island’s bankers, merchants and ship owners. Ermoupolis is a beautiful city with cobbled streets, two hills, the orthodox and the catholic one staring at each other and a magnificent central square that is definitely worth visiting.


  • Cosmopolitan Ermoupoli
  • Beautiful Platia Miaouli
  • The Apollon Theater
  • La Piccola Scala, the First Opera House in Greece
  • Ano Syros
  • A Venetian Settlement from the 13th Century

Day 5

Turkey, Cesme (Turkey)

Arrival at 07:00 / Departure at 22:00

Cesme is one of the most popular resorts on the Turkish coast. The sugar-sand beaches of Cesme will dazzle you, as will its myriad Ottoman fountains.


  • Ancient Ephesus. Founded by the Ancient Greeks. Ancient Ephesus. The Most Complete Classical Cities in Europe.
  • The Terrace Houses
  • Homes of the Wealthy of Ancient Ephesus
  • The House of the Virgin Mary. Where the Virgin Spent Her Final Years.
  • Incredible Izmir. The Third-Largest City in Turkey.
  • Sole Mare Beach Club

Day 6

Greece, Kos

Arrival at 07:00 / Departure at 18:00

The island is the home of Hippocrates, where we sail into the Harbour beneath a 14th century fortress. Just beyond bustling Kos Town.


  • The Asklepion. An Ancient Health and Healing Centre.
  • Village of Zia. The lovely, traditional arts-and-crafts village of Zia

Day 7

Greece, Ios

Arrival at 07:00 / Departure at 14:30

Home to the pre-historic settlement of Skarkos, and 365 churches – you’ll find many of them on the sun-soaked hillsides of Hora. Surrender to the sun and the sea at beautiful Manganari Beach on the south coast, or join us for the trek north to the Tomb of Homer.


  • Picturesque Chora
  • Manganari Beach
  • Try to Windsurf (or a Sunbed)

Greece, Santorini

Arrival at 16:30 / Departure at 21:00

Its incredible cliffs rise from the blue waters of the Aegean toward the azure sky. Wander around this beautiful island ot take a mini cruise to Santorini’s smaller islands and volcanoes. Explore the Akrotiri Village excavations, wander about the beautiful hilltop village of Fira, the island’s unique capital, or just relax in a café in stunning Oia Village, and watch the sunset from 300 meters above the sparkling sea. Enjoy a glass of wine with a view from the sky…


  • Fira. The Vibrant Capital of Santorini.
  • Oia Village
  • You’ll be Eye-to-Eye with a Magical Aegean Sunset
  • Nea Kameni. An Active Volcano up-close.
  • Akrotiri. A Neolithic Village from the 5th Millennium BC.
  • The Old Port of Fira. You Can Reach It by Cable Car.

Day 8

Greece, Athens (Lavrion)

Arrival at 06:30

Departures every Friday, July and August

Cruiser: Celestyal Crystal

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